Motorhome Wild Camping Scotland: 2024 Guide

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Jul 03, 2024

Wild camping offers a whole range of opportunities to see some of the most beautiful sights in the world. From breathtaking natural scenery to stunning coastlines, you can see it all, especially when travelling through Scotland. And what makes wild camping in Scotland even better? With the use of a motorhome or campervan!

There’s no surprise that wild camping in Scotland is becoming more popular, especially with the higher availability of campervans. If you’re considering taking the trip of a lifetime yourself, then there are a few things you may want to know first. Here is the ultimate guide for motorhome wild camping in Scotland. 

Why should you go wild campervanning in Scotland?

There’s no one reason to go wild campervanning in Scotland. The main reason is that it’s a country that boasts a wide range of stunning spots to see, especially when you’re travelling down the open road and making stops along the way. 

Scotland has been acclaimed as one of the most beautiful countries in the world for its natural offerings and landscapes, and it even beats other popular countries like New Zealand and Canada. As you drive down the countryside, you’ll no doubt see some spectacular sights that will stay in your mind for eternity. From those early morning sunrises to wildlife, you’ll no doubt gasp at the beauty before you.

There are also some fantastic spots to set up camp for the night with your motorhome in Scotland. All you need to do is ensure the spot is safe and secluded and you have everything you need for an overnight stay. 

Key wild campervanning laws you need to know

Before you go wild campervanning in Scotland, you want to know what you can and cannot do during your journey. Many countries in Europe have set laws and rules you must follow, especially when it comes to setting up your motorhome in various areas.

In Scotland, you must follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, which states:

  • Everyone has the statutory right of access
  • Access rights apply to all land and inland waters unless excluded
  • Access rights are for outdoor recreation, for crossing land and water, and for some educational and commercial purposes.
  • Exercising access rights, and managing access land, must be done responsibly.

It’s also good not to have that many of these rights apply to camping and not motor vehicles. This means that many areas, such as non-tarmacked roads and unfenced land and beaches, are private property, and you may need access from the landowner before you can place your campervan there for the night. 

Where are the best Scotland wild camping spots?

You can always just drive down the open road and find a spot that looks good to you before setting up camp for the night. However, in order to ensure you’re following laws and that you get the best out of your trip, you may want to try out one of these wild camping spots in Scotland:

Isle of Skye

When you find yourself near the Inner Hebrides, you’ll want to head to the most populated island in the area, the Isle of Skye. It’s a vast area that is well-known among wild campers for some beautiful spots and opportunities to check out some fantastic sights. The best place to place your campervan for the night includes the Waternish peninsula near the coast. Just ensure there isn’t a ‘no overnight camping sign’ before you set up. 

Isle of Skye

Mull of Galloway Lighthouse

You can’t go wrong with a lighthouse when you’re going wild camping. This location offers breathtaking views that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world. It’s Scotland's most southerly point and offers a guided tour from Easter to October. As you reach the top after climbing 115 steps, you’ll be able to take in the views of the Isle of Man and the Lake District. Ensure you park your motorhome somewhere on the Rhins of Galloway peninsula when you want to rest for the night. 

Mull of Galloway Lighthouse

Cairngorms National Park

You cannot go wild camping in Scotland without visiting the UK’s biggest national park. You will get so much out of your stay by finding a great place to park your campervan, such as Glenmore, Loch Muick, or Loch Garten. Each of these has car parks, but it is recommended that you find a formal sight for your motorhome for the night. During the day, there is so much to explore you’ll never want to go home again. 

Cairngorms National Park

Where are the best wild camping campsites in Scotland?

If you want better clarification on where you can park your campervan or motorhome for the night when going wild camping in Scotland, here are the best campsites to check out:

The Loft, Forres

This family-run campsite offers a farm and woodland setting that’s perfect for anyone who is travelling through Scotland and wants to see the site. Each pitch is on grass with an electric hookup, and you’re only a short drive away from beaches and other well-known attractions. 

Boat of Garten Holiday Park, Aviemore

Six miles from Aviemore, you’ll find the Boat of Garten Holiday Park, which is located within the Cairngorms National Park. It’s a unique place that makes you feel safe and secure at all times. It also comes with a wide range of amenities such as laundry facilities, a live-in warden, and showers and toilets. 

Drymen Campsite, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs

You may research this campsite and notice it is primarily for tents, however there is a Stirlingshire park nearby that offers a few overnight spots for campervans and motorhomes in its car park. There are many vital sites nearby for you to discover, and you can easily get to them within walking distance. 

The pros and cons of using campsites for wild camping in Scotland

Before you consider wild camping in Scotland, here are the main pros and cons to consider:


  • There is beautiful scenery no matter where you go in Scotland.
  • Wild camping in a motorhome offers a more remote experience.
  • You experience a sense of adventure as you find the next place to go.


  • It can be hard to access some of the most beautiful spots by road.
  • You must check that you have access to park your campervan.
  • Scotland is known for its cold weather conditions, so you must be prepared.

Motorhome wild camping in Scotland: Main things to consider

Here are some additional tips for motorhome wild camping in Scotland that will help ensure you have the perfect journey and stay:

  • Ensure you’re well versed on the Scottish laws on wild camping using motorhomes that we mentioned earlier in this article.
  • Use trusted websites like UK Motorhomes that will advise you on the best places where you can park your campervan overnight.
  • Always arrive at the site late and leave early in the morning, as these spots should only be somewhere for you to sleep.
  • Ensure you’re stocked up on enough supplies for your trip, such as water, food, and fuel, especially if you’re going to be in a remote area for a while.
  • Never leave any sign of you being in the area, such as avoiding litter and not disturbing wildlife, so you maintain the natural beauty.
  • Never unpack too much at once, as there’s always a chance you might be asked to move. 

What type of campervan should you choose?

Ready to start your trip but unsure of what sort of van or motorhome you should hire? Here are the best suggestions:

For couples

This depends on you as a couple. If you’re happy with less space, you can choose a two-berth van; if not, you should opt for something bigger. If you do hire a smaller van, does it have enough space for your cooking needs or for storing products like surfboards for activities?

For groups of friends

How large of a campervan you should hire for a group of friends depends on how many of you there are. Figure out how many births you’ll need, who needs separate sleeping spaces and who’s willing to share. If there are many of you and you’re on a budget, you might want to suggest some of the friends sleep outside the van in tents. 

Dog-friendly vans

Taking your furry friend wild camping with you in Scotland can also provide them with some amazing memories. Most campervans are suited for dogs, but ensure you double-check this before hiring. 

Dog-friendly vans

Choose Compass Campers for your wild camping trip in Scotland

Start your wild camping journey throughout Scotland with Compass Campers. We have a wide range of high-quality campervans and motorhomes that can make your overnight stays comfortable and even a bit luxurious. 

You can talk to one of our experts to discuss your individual needs so we can find you the best solution and ensure you have a trip that offers memories that last a lifetime. Contact us today. 

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